TLAFF 2018 would like to recognize our Gold Sponsors. Their donations help us present over 20 international artists each year, deliver music education to young flutists, foster talent and support initiatives such as tours, recordings, and the commissioning of new Latin American works.

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Freedom in Music, Freedom in Playing – Rêverie.

At Rêverie Flutes, we make an instrument that allows you to explore the limits of your musicianship, a flute that does not hold you back.

The Rêverie Flute Company is based on a different philosophy of flute making. Great craftsmanship and design combined with a different pricing model allows the flutist to have an instrument reflecting his or her abilities within a more accessible price range.


Uncork your flute forever!

Unlike cork, that dampens the vibration of your headjoint, the Celestine Flute Rexonator works as a linked resonator. Not only is there minimal contact with the wall of the headjoint by the silicon O-ring (while providing a complete, air-tight seal), the Celestine Resonator actually works with the vibration of the head joint to enhance resonance and projection.

  • Allows the full vibration of the sound waves to move uniformly through the flute.
  • Provides more acoustic space between the O-ring and crown than a traditional cork stopper, which allows more of the flute headjoint and body to resonate freely, unimpeded by a cork stopper.
  • Can be customized by adding one or two Celestine Rings, which allows the Celestine Flute Rexonator to provide the maximum resonant effect.
  • Is made of a thoroughly tested, resonant brass alloy. This alloy actually vibrates sympathetically with the headjoint and body of the flute providing maximum resonance.
  • Improves the balance of the flute, also customizable with one or two Celestine Rings.

Kingsway Conservatory of Music

Private Instruction and Music Theory  Ensembles  Early Childhood Music

Music has the power to challenge and nurture both the head and the heart, and to bring people together. Since 1995, we have provided a meaningful musical experience through the highest quality of education and created ongoing opportunities for our students to discover the joy of making music with others. It is a pleasure to continue serving our vibrant and creative community, inspiring your musical passion!


Merging cultures through music!

Liliflute music is a small publisher of Latin American music, created by flutist and composer Carmen Marulanda. Her projects, 12 Original Colombian Pieces for Flute and Guitar, Traversuras 1&2 for Flute and Piano and the Flute duets 1&2 are an eloquent collection of studies based on Colombian and Venezuelan genres. The ingenuity of these works, in addition to the varied musical content, is the presentation: all the musical accompaniments are pre-recorded on CD, giving the flute student direct access to the original style of each region. Uniting teaching and composition, this works represents one of the newest musical trends, where the dialogue between composer and tradition is partnered with educational values.