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Youth/Amateur Flute Orchestra
(levels: intermediate to university)

Price: $150

Tuesday April 10 4pm - 6pm (rehearsal)Thursday April 12 4pm - 6pm (rehearsal)Friday April 13 5pm - 6pm (rehearsal)Friday April 13 7:30pm (concert)Saturday April 14 6pm - 7pm (dress rehearsal)Saturday April 14 7:30pm (concert)


Professional Flute Orchestra
(levels: graduate and professional)

PiccoloC FluteAlto FluteBass FluteContra-Base FluteSub-Contra Base Flute

Tuesday April 10 7pm - 9pm (rehearsal)Wednesday April 11 7pm - 9pm (rehearsal)Friday April 13 7:30pm (concert)Saturday April 14 6pm - 7pm (dress rehearsal)Saturday April 14 7:30pm (concert)


Private Lessons

$30 Per 30 minute lesson

Indicate number of lessons beside instructor(s) name


Check off the masterclasses or clinics you wish to attend. Performers $50. Auditors $15.




I need a TLAFF accompanistI have my own accompanist

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Youth AYouth BYouth CYoung Artist ConcertoUniversity Student Chamber CompetitionAmateur Chamber CompetitionProfessional Chamber Competition